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3 Apps to Help You Explore Lighthouses

3 Apps to Help You Explore Lighthouses

Although lighthouses no longer serve to guide mariners as they did in the past, they have become tourist attractions all over the world. Here are three apps designed with the lighthouse aficionado in mind.

Lighthouses of the U.S.
Google Play

This Sutro Media app provides information about over 800 U.S. lighthouses on the coastlines of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean and Great Lakes. It also includes replicas and lightships visited by the app's author. As a bonus, the developer's included several privately built lighthouses as well. Travelers will appreciate the 13 filtering functions, which are regularly updated for accuracy. The functions identify which lighthouses open for climbing, lighthouses with museums, and even lighthouses that appear in film.

Canadian Lighthouses
Google Play

This app showcases Canada's almost 700 lighthouses on any Android mobile device. The app includes photos, insights and historical information. It's easy to add notes and record the date of visits. Users can also play descriptions to listen to while driving. Designed by the same team as Lighthouses of the U.S., Canadian Lighthouses offers many of the same features. When in Discovery Mode, the app automatically notifies user of nearby lighthouses.

Lighthouse Locator
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Google Play

Lighthouse Locator by MapMuse is a handy interactive map that makes it easy to find any lighthouse in the world. Users can pull up as many as 500 lighthouses at the same time. Know the name of the lighthouse you want to learn about? Simply type it in. Want to learn which lighthouses are in your vicinity? Choose your current location. Users can add photos, ratings and reviews and create a list of favorites. It's also possible to browse Wikipedia descriptions from inside the app.

Image licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
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