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3 Amazing Bird Watching Apps

3 Amazing Bird Watching Apps

What better way to identify birds while bird-watching, sitting in your garden, or walking in your neighborhood than with a comprehensive app for your mobile device? The following apps offer a wide range of features for budding ornithologists.

iBird Pro Guide to Birds (iTunes, Google play)
This interactive field guide, aimed at beginning and experienced bird watchers, includes over 800 bird species in North America, Canada, Hawaii and more.


Identify birds on search engine with help of 37 attributes, including location, habitat and flight style
Browse illustrations and photos from artists and photographers who specialize in ornithology
Switch between Day theme (black text on white background) and dimmer Night theme, designed for bird watching in low light
Listen to more than 2,500 bird recordings, including information about where the recording was made
Upload photos to Photo Center and store in Dropbox
Create customized slideshows with calls and songs
Peterson's Birds of North America (iTunes)
With over 800 species of North American birds, this detailed app includes information from 8 Peterson Field Guide books. You can compare similar bird species by sight, song and range from one screen.


Browse nest photos
Locate birds with one-tap QuickFind index
Upload photos to files of each bird species
Save custom bird lists to home screen
Share bird lists with friends
Sibley Birds of North America (iTunes, Google play)
This app, from the publishers of the bestselling printed guide, includes over 6600 images of birds shown perched and in flight from below. The detailed maps show winter and summer range as well as migration and rare occurrence.


Listen to bird names in English, French, Spanish and Latin
Choose from over 2300 edited sound recordings
Search for birds by distinguishing features like size, colors and habits
Filter by state/province in order to find birds common to your area
Store sighting to your device and export with email or iTunes file sharing
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