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How Well Do You Know Your Lighthouse History?

How Well Do You Know Your Lighthouse History?

People have been attracted to lighthouses since the first was created thousands of years ago. Here are some fun questions for everyone who loves them.

Which lighthouse was the first to use electricity?
A: The world's most famous lighthouse, the Statue of Liberty, is the first to have used electricity, beginning when it opened in 1886 until it ceased being a lighthouse in 1901. The Statue of Liberty's torch was lit with electricity and could be seen for 24 miles from its location in New York Harbor.

Where is the tallest lighthouse located?
A: The Cape Hatteras Light is the tallest lighthouse and located near Buxton on North Carolina's Outer Banks. It is 207.49 feet from its foundation to the top of the spire.

Egypt's Pharos of Alexandria back in the 3rd century BC was the very first lighthouse. What is the oldest operating lighthouse?
A: The Tower of Hercules, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain, was built in the 1st century and is still in service. It marks the entrance of La Coruna Harbor.

Where is the only staffed lighthouse in the U.S located?
A: Although there are people living at light stations as caretakers, there is only one manned lighthouse in the U.S (most lighthouses are now automated). Boston is the home of the only lighthouse with a keeper: Boston Light. Congress declared that this lighthouse always be staffed.

One lighthouse in the U.S. has an elevator. Which one is it?
A: The lighthouse at Sullivan's Island in Charleston, S.C. has an elevator.

When was the U.S. Lighthouse Service founded?
A: The United States Lighthouse Establishment was founded August 7, 1789. The United States Lighthouse Service was created in 1910. It was the only agency of the U.S. Government and the General Lighthouse Authority for the United States from its creation until it merged with the U.S. Coast Guard in 1939.
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