Amish Medium Decorative Wooden Windmill

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Looking for a clever way to beautify your backyard by covering up a sewer pipe, a well casing or an area that has been dug up or damaged? The Amish Medium Decorative Wooden Windmill is the ideal solution and will bring a whimsical finishing touch to your landscaping design. The windmill is 8 inches wide from top to bottom inside, and the interior is 14.25 inches tall. Because of this, this Amish-built plywood windmill can be used to cover and conceal a wide variety of objects. Finished with 2 coats of weather-resistant polyurethane, the windmill is 40 inches tall from top to bottom.

Height to Blade Tip: 40 in | Base Height: 31 in | Blade Diameter: 30 in | Outside Bottom Diameter: 13.5 in | Inside Bottom Diameter: 8 in | Inside Height: 14.25 in

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