Ladybug Whirlybird Wind Spinner


They say that finding a ladybug in your home is good luck. While this Ladybug Whirlybird Wind Spinner is designed to go outside, but not inside, you're sure to agree that it's one lucky find. This adorable ladybug lawn spinner's dual wings spin in the breeze, and it features a charming face complete with two antenna. Made in the USA, the wind spinner is fabricated by hand using traditional Amish crafting techniques, and it features a weather-resistant hand-painted finish to ensure durability. The spinner is 17 inches long and sold with a 36-inch metal rod that measures 1/4 inch in diameter.

  • 36 inch x 1/4 inch metal rod for mounting included
  • 17 inches from beak to tail
  • 9.5 inches wide with wings, body 5 inches high
  • High quality signboard construction painted with exterior grade latex paint
  • Built in the USA by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Dimensions | Height: 37 in | Length: 8 in | Width: 9 in

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