Blue Jay Whirlybird Wind Spinner


Add movement and color to your yard with the help of the Blue Jay Whirlybird Wind Spinner. Made from high quality exterior signboard, the spinner is painted blue and white to give it the appearance of a beautiful blue jay. The wings are aerodynamically designed to spin in the wind and will move faster when the speed of the breeze picks up. This unique whirly bird is hand crafted by skilled Amish craftsmen with a commitment to quality, then hand painted with exterior latex paint and comes with a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant metal rod that makes it easy to stake into the ground, so that you can enjoy its movements and colorful charm for years and years to come.

  • 36 inch x 1/4 inch metal rod for mounting included
  • 17 inches from beak to tail
  • 9.5 inches wide with wings, body 5 inches high
  • High quality signboard construction painted with exterior grade latex paint
  • Built in the USA by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Dimensions | Height: 37 in | Length: 8 in | Width: 9 in

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