Amish Copper Roof Poly Vinyl Birdhouse

Copper with no Finish
Copper with Patina Finish
Copper with Staybrite Protectant

Featuring a classic design and made of weather and pest-resistant poly vinyl, the Amish Copper Roof Poly Vinyl Birdhouse is designed to be both beautiful and useful for a long time. The shimmering copper roof and copper detailing make this birdhouse an outstanding feature in your yard. The finial and roof can easily be removed for cleaning purposes.

For the roof, you can choose Unfinished Copper which will naturally oxidize and turn darker, then blue-green over time, Copper with Patina which has undergone treatment to begin the oxidization process, or Copper with Staybrite protectant to prevent oxidization and keep the copper shiny.

Add a touch of beauty to your yard that gives the birds a safe home!

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