Amish 10-Hole Copper Roof Wooden Condo Birdhouse

Copper with no Finish
Copper with Patina Finish
Copper with Staybrite Protectant

Invite the birds into your yard with the Amish 10-Hole Copper Roof Wooden Condo Birdhouse. Featuring wood construction crowned with a genuine copper roof, this 10-apartment birdhouse can be opened for cleaning after the first tenants depart so you can invite a fresh set of Purple Martins to take up residence. The apartment openings measure 1.75 inches.

For the roof, you can choose Unfinished Copper which will naturally oxidize and turn darker, then blue-green over time, Copper with Patina which has undergone treatment to begin the oxidization process, or Copper with Staybrite protectant to prevent oxidization and keep the copper shiny.

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