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Why You Need a Wind Spinner Today

Your home is that bit of space where your character, your way of life, and your own personality are reflected back at you and shine through to others. And while your house may be limited to the four walls that ultimately fit furniture, rooms, and keepsakes, your home also extends to the porch, the lawn, the yard, and even the view from the street. The yard, or the balcony if you have an apartment, is that little plot where your space nudges up against nature and others’ own spaces. It’s probably for this reason that so many of us take so much joy in cultivating our outside spaces; and it’s for this same reason that it’s important to show just as much care to the outside spaces of your home as to the inside. Items like bird houses, mailboxes, lanterns, and wind spinners all respond to the environment, and they take up the human and natural elements in a satisfying way, a way that makes us feel closer to that natural and social world outside of our houses.

The Good Ol’ Days, Today!

After all, don’t receiving mail in a fine mailbox at the end of your lane, turning on the warm lantern light against the night, and seeing the wind play with a wind spinner in the yard all call to mind images and thoughts of a simpler, calmer time? If that’s the feeling that gets you going, make sure to double down on it, but see if you can find a handmade piece. Something that shows off its natural woodgrain, versus an aluminum, made-in-china model, is sure to fit better with that horticultural aesthetic.

Now, there’s no doubt that a lot of technology has done a lot for as many people. But sometimes, it’s nice not to know what kind of weather you’re stepping out into. A wind spinner obviously lets you know which way the wind is blowing. But more than that, it can add a bit of flare and spice to your garden. They can act as accents to other ornaments as well, and they can be placed alongside birdbaths, urns, or at the back of a flowerbed. And if you live in an apartment, condo, or high-rise and lack the lawn space you would otherwise find in a house, then wind spinners, bird houses, and garden lanterns are a nice way of conjuring up that horticultural vibe without the plants.

More Than Just Looks

Some wind spinners divvy up more than just aesthetic, though: they also serve a more practical use, which is what any gardener looks for in their products and tools. Driven by the breeze, wind spinners are also sometimes called buzzers for the hum they create as they spin. This sound is often just unnatural enough to drive away pesky garden critters, such as squirrels in planting season or stray cats. And their colors are bright enough to attract birds and buzzing insects to your yard.

Ultimately, although that yard, balcony, or driveway may be yours, your home is part of a community, and sprucing it up with a few choice outdoor ornaments isn’t just nice for you; it also does the whole neighborhood a favor!
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