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Should a Bird Feeder Be Kept Up All Year Round?

Should a Bird Feeder Be Kept Up All Year Round?

Many people wonder whether they should take their bird feeders down when the weather begins to warm up. They often believe it's better for birds to find their own food when it is in abundance during spring and summer months. If you live in an area with a bear population, you should definitely take your bird feeders down to avoid nuisance bears. In fact, according to the New York State Department of Conservation, April 1 is the recommended date for doing so. However, in most cases it is fine to keep your bird feeder up when the weather is warm, with a few considerations.

Bird Seed in Warm Temperatures
Don't stock feeders with raw or homemade suet in the summer because it can spoil easily. Even regular bird seed can spoil in the heat, especially if there is rain. Check your feeders on a regular basis to make sure it is being eaten. You may need to change it more often to attract birds. One trick is to fill your bird feeders halfway to keep bird seed fresh. If that doesn't work, set your feeders in shady areas which are more likely to attract birds. Remember, birds also like running water, so setting your feeders near a bird bath may help get their attention.

Warm Weather Bird Watching
The National Wildlife Federation claims spring and summer months provide some of the best opportunities for bird watching if you leave your feeders in place. You may even be able to observe species of birds you have never seen before. In addition, NFW recommends installing bird baths to help birds maintain healthy feathers. They also stress the importance of keeping feeders and bird baths clean and changing water daily to prevent problems with mosquitos.

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