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7 Tips for Choosing a Birdhouse

It’s much simpler to find birdhouses for sale than it is to rely on the birds to decorate your backyard! The birds won’t always tell you what kinds of birdhouses they need, either. Here are seven tips for choosing a birdhouse that you and the birds will love.

Choose a bird house that’s for the birds. When you look at bird houses for sale, notice that most houses have only a single opening space for birds to enter, but some have multiple entryways. Purple Martins are one of the few types of backyard bird that nest near other birds of their species. Understanding the kind of bird you are hoping to attract to your backyard is one step in choosing the best birdhouse. Some bird houses have multiple openings and space for a number of birds in the same bird apartment, and for purple martins, this is an excellent choice.

Color, size, and material is important. Birds also like the house to be warm and cozy, so what the bird house is made out of, the size of the cavity, and the capacity of the house to hold heat when it needs to and to stay cool and well-ventilated on hot days is also important. When discussing birdhouses for sale with the craftsmen, check that the house is warm without being suffocating.

Birds won’t use an unsafe house. Lots of things threaten birds, and birds who are trying to protect and feed babies and raise families like a safe house as much as anyone else. If predators can enter the house, the birds won’t feel safe. When looking at birdhouses for sale, consider the size of the bird in general and check that the hole is appropriately sized. For a small bird, be sure that the hole is no larger than 1.5 inches, and if the bird is larger, the entry should be 2 to 2.5 inches. Consider the type of natural predator that might be in the area and whether the house can be accessed by squirrels, weasels, or household pets.

Birdhouses don’t need perches. Perches are unnecessary for the birds to enter the house, and they can allow access to the house for predators, so the birds will not feel safe. Birdhouses for sale don’t usually have perches beneath the hole.

Is it easy to clean? If you hope that your birdhouse will continue to give you and the nesting birds enjoyment for years to come, the house will have to be cleaned out at the end of the season. Choose birdhouses for sale that have hinged panels, or movable walls that can be cleaned out easily. Birdhouses that are made from white vinyl clean easily and are attractive to most birds.

Consider proper placement. Will you be mounting the house on a post, hanging it from a tree, or securing the birdhouse to a surface? There is a big variety of sizes and needs to consider when choosing wooden birdhouses for sale..

Finally, consider how it looks to you. You are not just buying a birdhouse for sale for the birds. You want to dress up your backyard and give yourself some visual enjoyment. Buy a birdhouse that you love to look at and that gives your yard style. Check out the selection of birdhouses for sale from Dress The Yard.
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