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Finding The Birdhouse That Best Fits Your Yard

Finding The Birdhouse That Best Fits Your Yard

Bird watching brings enjoyment to many people. Picking and right placement can attract many birds to your yard. The correct bird house can bring enjoyment and viewing pleasure in the convenience of your own home. A wide variety is available from quite decorative to functional.

There are many things to consider when choosing a bird house. Robins will nest in an enclosed bird house but favor an open place such as a nesting post. Wrens as well as other little birds that are similar favor an enclosed boxed construction. Many bird houses have little openings suited to birds. Many birds will not nest in a house which has multiple chambers preferring a single box construction. You are able to choose a cosmetically appealing construction while giving your region’s fowl an attractive place to nest so as to add beauty to your own yard.

You can build your own made of wood, paint, nails and glue. They can be extravagant or modest. Depending on the bird type you are trying to attract will determine how colorful or flashy you want your bird house to be. There are many videos, guides and books that specialize in this area. These resources will provide detail information and instruction as to how to build an appropriate bird house that will suite your needs as well as the birds you are trying to attract.

Positioning is important in attracting birds.
Do not place your house near a feeder but try to position it near suitable cover for the birds. Nearby bushes or trees will provide a place to dart to when they sense danger is near their nesting young. Many birds will not nest in an area where there are several other birds or back yard animals like rabbits and squirrels. Your bird house must take into consideration the importance of location as bird feeders will bring many animals besides birds.

Nesting birds will seek areas away from the commotion of bird baths but these structures will assist in bringing nesting birds. Suitable water and food sources in another section of your yard will provide a simple source of needed sustenance for the birds that have picked you bird house to nest. High up and out of the way is good, but not too high up that nesting birds have the risk of falling out. Balance the bird house in such a way that the openings are completely horizontal and there is no lean in the birdhouse.

Don't place your bird house's opening to East or the South. The direct sun from these directions will cause your bird house to be too hot in the mid-day and morning hours. The idea is to make the birds comfortable and wanting to spend a long period of time in your birdhouse. You want to make the birdhouse appropriate for nesting their young. Often times if this is done correctly, the birds will return season after season making their arrival all the more enjoyable.

Posts provide good stability.
Attempt to mount your bird house or post rather than hanging it. Your birds that are nesting will be protected by a post. It is a lot harder for squirrels and raccoons and other nuisances to climb a metal pole than a tree, tree branch or wooden pole. Try your best to place the bird house in an area that is free from determined animals. In other words, do not prop your bird house against any structure.

Keeping your bird house clean is extremely important to your loved ones also to the health of birds that have selected your structure. Clean your bird house every spring. Remember to wear gloves as well as a face mask when cleaning your bird house. Cleaning will not just protect the wellness of the birds but will make sure your bird house may be an eye catching component of your landscape for many years. A clean bird house will also protect you from diseases that may be caused from the birds’ feces. Over-time the birdhouse will need minimal maintenance and maybe even a fresh coat of paint if you desire to.

You may need to fill your water source a couple of times throughout the day in the summer time. It will often get so hot the sun evaporates the water you put out. Being mindful of this will keep the bird happy and hydrated. If the birds do not get adequate hydration they may pass on your bird house as a potential home for their nesting needs no matter how beautiful it may be. With planning idea and just a little care, birds can be brought by the inclusion of a bird house to your yard each year to give you viewing pleasure in your back yard.
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