Wraparound Squirrel Baffle Guard for 4"x 4" Post

Copper Tint

Squirrels or raccoons can easily do a lot of damage to your birdhouse or feeder. The Wraparound Squirrel Baffle Guard is made with galvanized steel and helps to keep your birdhouses and feeders in pristine condition, safe from those pesky squirrels! Weather-resistant, this baffle can easily be cleaned with water if it gets dirty.

To keep squirrels from getting onto your bird feeder, place your post-mounted birdhouse or feeder 8-10 feet away from railings, roofs or trees. The squirrel baffle should be installed a minimum of 4 feet from the ground. To install, place the baffle around your post, and close it by sliding the left tab into the right slot until they snap together. Then, use the included screws to attach the baffle to your post.

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