Amish Copper Top Hi Roof Wren Birdhouse

Treat the birds in the neighborhood to a charming home to call their own! The Amish Copper Top Hi Roof Wren Birdhouse will add style to your backyard while giving adorable wrens a lovely place to nest. Entirely hand built by Amish craftsmen, the bird house features a body made out of 5/8-inch wood that has been painted snowy white for a classic look. The roof is made out of genuine copper, and a copper band encircles the base for an added touch of color. Measuring 20 inches in height by 9 inches in diameter, the birdhouse has a 1.5-inch door and can be mounted on a 7/8-inch O.D. metal post.

  • Built in the USA by Amish Craftsmen
  • Free Shipping in the Continental USA

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$ 69.00

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