Weathervane Buying Guide

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We have all the information you need to find the perfect weathervane for your home or building. Our quality weathervanes come in a variety of options and this Buying Guide will give you the tools you need to buy with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the copper weathervanes stay shiny?
No. When copper is exposed to the weather, over time it will oxidize and change color. At first it will become darker and become a dark brown color, and then after several years it will become a more green color until it looks more like the Statue of Liberty in color.  If you do not want to have this color change, you need to have the copper treated with a clear protective coating that will prevent the copper from changing color.

What is the Verdigris Finish?
If you like the green look of aged copper, but don't want to wait several years for the copper to become the green color on its own, you can order your copper weathervane with a verdigris finish. To achieve the verdigris finish, the copper will be dipped in an acid bath that will cause the copper to turn green in a matter of hours.