Lighthouse Buying Guide

We have all the information you need to find the perfect lighthouse for your yard. Our quality lighthouses come in a variety of options and this Buying Guide will give you the tools you need to buy with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the lighthouses actually light up?
Yes, all lighthouses come with a standard 25 watt bulb. Every lighthouse can also be upgraded to include additional lighting features such as interior lighting, rotating lights and solar powered lights.

What do the other lighthouse sizes look like?
Every lighthouse is available in 7 sizes. Each lighthouse in our store shows a 5' lighthouse. The style of each lighthouse varies slightly based on which size lighthouse you purchase. The photos above show examples of the different height options we offer.

What is the lighthouse base option and how big is it?
Every lighthouse can include a optional lighthouse base. It adds extra height to your lighthouse and provides a unique look. Please use the chart below for reference.