Cupola Buying Guide


Find the Perfect Cupola

  1. STYLE : Cupolas come in many styles ranging from designs with ornate detail to others portraying simple elegance. Our selection of over 35 styles in 9 series allows you to find the cupola style that fits your vision and provides the finishing touch for your building. 
    Louvered style cupolas provide ventilation. Windowed style cupolas can be used for lighting (windows are usually removable).


    • MATERIAL : Cupolas typically are available in both poly vinyl and western red cedar wood. Poly vinyl is rot, moisture, and insect resistant, and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Cupolas available only in vinyl are: Signature Series, Sundance Series, Desiger Series, and Roxbury styleThe Estate Copper Series is constructed of copper-clad poly vinyl and capped with a copper roof. The Gazebo Series is offered in poly vinyl or treated yellow pine.
    • ROOF : Cupolas are capped with a hand-formed roof of copper or painted steel metal. Steel roofs are available in 14 colors (click here for steel color chart).

        Choose Custom Options

        • Base Cutout to match the pitch of your roof.Options
        • Base & Crown Molding (Estate, Select, and Estate Gazebo Series).
        • Base Extension to accommodate steeper pitch roofs.
        • Clapboard Base (SignatureEstate, and Select Series only).
        • Patina (aged look) or Staybrite (keeps copper shiny) for copper roofs.
        • Paint applied to vinyl or wood (see Vinyl Colors and Cedar Colors).
        • Screening added to louvered cupolas to keep out unwanted pests.
        • Colored louvers of copper or colored steel (see Steel Colors).
        • Stained Glass for windowed cupolas (in red, blue, or green).
        • Lantern Mount (for standard post lanterns) for windowed cupolas.

        Select the Correct Size

        Cupola Sizing
        • Cupolas sizes are determined by base width. For every foot of your building roof line, calculate 1.25 inch of cupola width. Example: A roof section that is 24 feet long needs a 30 inch cupola.
        • For buildings longer than 48 feet, consider using multiple cupolas.
        • Cupolas are manufactured in 2-3 sections for ease of handling and installation.
        • 60 inch & 72 inch cupolas are constructed with a double louver or window panel per side.

        Our Cupola Sizing Guide helps you choose the proper size of cupola... 

        Copper with PatinaFrequently Asked Questions

        What is a Base Extension?
        When you have a roof pitch that is steeper than the standard cupola base can accommodate, you will need to add a Base Extension. The standard base on the Signature Series, the Estate Series, the Select Series and the Keystone series can accommodate a roof pitch up to 10/12. The Sundance Series can accommodate up to a 6/12 roof pitch,and the Shed series can accommodate up to a 7/12 roof pitch.
        What is Roof Pitch?
        Roof pitch is calculated as how many inches of vertical rise in 12 inches of horizontalFor example, one method to determine pitch would be to take a level and mark 12 inches, then put the level against the roof and at the 12 inch mark, measure the distance from the level to the roof, and that number will be your pitch, for example, if it is 6 inches from the level to the roof, then your pitch is 6/12.

        What is the Base Cutout?
        A Base Cutout is when the cupola has the base cut out at the factory to exactly match the pitch of your roof.

        Why choose Copper with Staybrite?
        When copper is exposed to the weather, over time it will oxidize and change color. At first it will become darker and become a dark brown color, and then after several years it will become a more green color until it looks more like the Statue of Liberty in color. If you do not want to have this color change, you need to have the copper treated with a clear protective coating that will prevent the copper from changing color.

        Why choose Copper with Patina?
        If you like the green look of aged copper, but don't want to wait several years for the copper to become the green color on its own, you can order your copper cupola with a patina finish. To achieve the patina finish, the copper will be dipped in an acid bath that will cause the copper to turn green in a matter of hours.

          Custom CupolasDesign Your Own Custom Cupola

          Have something specific in mind? We can build it! We offer custom cupola designs and we can create them for you. Cupolas have many custom upgrades available such as:

          • Copper & Colored Louvers
          • Stained Glass: Red, Green, & Blue
          • Base & Crown Moulding
          • Lantern Kit
          • Screen Louvers
          Call our team of experts at 1-888-439-6609 to learn more about our custom cupola options.