Amish 21ʺ Copper Roof Wooden Gazebo Bird Feeder

Unfinished Copper
Copper with Patina
Copper with Staybrite

The perfectly proportioned Amish 21ʺ Copper Roof Wooden Gazebo Bird Feeder will complement your landscaping and attract birds for you to watch while they feed. Shaped like a gazebo and crowned with a genuine hand-formed copper roof and lathe-turned poly finial, this feeder is made to provide years of enjoyment to you and the birds in your backyard. The finial can easily be removed to add bird seed to the reservoir under the roof which holds about 6 pounds of birdseed and feeds down into the center tube.

For the roof, you can choose Unfinished Copper which will naturally oxidize and darken, then turn blue-green over time, Copper with Patina which has undergone treatment to begin the oxidization process, or Copper with Staybrite protectant to prevent oxidization and keep the copper shiny.

  • Hand tooled genuine copper roof with rivet-sealed seams
  • 5/8 inch wood base covered with latex exterior grade white paint
  • Removable finial allows you to easily add bird seed
  • Mounting bracket fits a 3.5" x 3.5" post
  • Built in the USA by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Dimensions | Height: 21 in | Length: 14 in | Width: 14 in

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