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Three Places Looking for Lighthouse Keepers


If you’re adventurous and love traveling, lighthouse keeping might be right job for you. People sign up for the position of lighthouse keeper knowing that months pass without company and that only primitive plumbing facilities exist. If you’re used to “roughing it” in the Great Outdoors, you’ll have no problem leaving your smartphones and automatic coffeemakers behind to embrace the experience of a lifetime.

The following three places recruit keepers for the lighthouses in their area:

  • Newport, Rhode Island. The Rose Island Lighthouse offers full-time and part-time keeper positions on an as needed basis. Training lasts one hour and weekly keeper positions run from 10:00 AM Sunday to 10:00 AM the following Sunday. Keepers greet guests, clean, and collect money from landing fee boxes and the gift shop daily. The Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation lists Keeper Program Fees on its website. A week in the lighthouse costs $1,000 to $2,300 per week plus daily chores and projects.
  • Sequim, Washington. The New Dungeness Lighthouse Keeper Program offers weekly keeper positions to individuals and families interested in learning more about lighthouses. Dungeness Spit makes the perfect place to learn about marine life and wildlife as well as enjoy the surf and all that it offers. Keeper duties include raising and lowering the flag, watering the grass, and polishing the brass in the tower at the end of the day. The cost of the program for adults is $350/week with a $50/person nonrefundable deposit.
  • Newberry, Michigan. The Tawas Point Lighthouse offers restored lightkeeper’s quarters on a weekly basis. Interested parties fill out an application and pay $225/week plus a $25 application fee. The lighthouse is located on Lake Huron in Tawas Point State Park. Couples are preferred. There’s a lot of work to do as a lighthouse keeper.

Each lighthouse keeping position has a list of requirements so make sure to read them carefully. If you have nothing but time on your side, you’re likely an ideal candidate for lighthouse keeper. If you can’t bear the thought of being without technology or using an outhouse facility on a daily basis, there’s other temporary jobs better suited for you.

Additional lighthouse keeping opportunities present themselves so keep your eyes open. Ads on popular employment websites alert you to light keeping options in your area of the country as well as places you’d like to travel to. Get your application in early for a better chance at a position.

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