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Benefits of Adding a Cupola

Cupolas are ornamental structures perched on top of houses, barns and stables that have been around since the Renaissance. Cupola is an Italian word based on the Latin cupula, referring to an upside down cup. Cupolas come in a wide range of architectural styles and are made of materials such as wood, copper, metal and vinyl. There are many reasons to add a cupola to your home.


One of the biggest benefits of installing a cupola is the way it looks. A cupola can accentuate the height of your home if placed upon its highest peak. It becomes a focal point at the same time it enhances the overall design of your home. The three main parts are the base, vents (louvers) and cap. The cap can be one of several shapes: square, hexagonal, octagonal and bell-shaped. It usually has a weathervane, finial or other ornament at the top.


Cupolas often have windows that can function as skylights. When you light your home naturally you can lower your electric bill. On sunny days, a cupola provides ventilation by allowing air to circulate in the attic and sending moist air outside. This protects the attic from rotting wood and mildew growth. In addition, when your home is cooler, your AC operates more efficiently because it doesn't have to strain as hard to increase the temperature.


Roof cupolas are built to last. They require little or no upkeep and do not need to be repainted. Cupolas made of copper are some of the most durable. Wooden cupolas can be made of cypress, oak, white pine or cedar. Many manufacturers add paint or stain to protect them from the elements. 

With so many designs, a cupola is a unique way to increase the value of any home. Shop a wide selection of cupolas or design your own custom cupola at dresstheyard.com.

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