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Buying a house is not enough these days. If you want to add value to your home than there is a need to do something special for your house. In today’s world there is a need to design your house not only from inside but also from outside. The best way to make your house eye catchy from outside is through designing the roof of your house with different series of cupola which are available on the market. Keep on reading the further article to explore your knowledge in the field of Vinyl Cupolas.

Short History of Cupolas

Cupola word has been derived from lower Latin word “cupula” which means “small cup” and indicates a vault resembling an upside down cup. From over the past few centuries, cupola's have been designed so as to serve light and ventilate to buildings of all kinds. Earlier cupolas were specially seen on buildings like cathedrals, castles and governments offices. In recent time cupolas are often used to enhance the style of garages, houses, tiny-houses, offices, barns and other building. Moreover the style and technique of designing cupola catalogs have completely changed which is an added feature for most of those who look forward to enhancing the beauty of their structure.

What exactly Cupola Catalog means?

In the field of architecture, cupola is simply a small most often dome like structure which is present on the top of a building. Many of the ancient building have cupola designs which attract peoples attention. In simple words “Cupola” is small tower or dome like feature projecting from the top of a building roof. Every cupola basically has three major parts which is:

The base - The strongest part upon which other substances are added. The size of the base of the cupola is usually determined by the pitch of the slope of the barn roof.

The vents – The middle part of cupola is popularly known as vents. It includes windows and slats which is designed so as to let air, light and gas pass through it. Sometimes screens are added in order to keep insects and animals away.

The cap – The top of cupola is the caps which are usually designed to have an octagonal, square, bell like, or other geometric shape. Most of the time these caps are topped with a weather-vane or finial.

Nowadays most of the cupolas are constructed of wood, vinyl or metal and have single roofs. Cupolas have windows or louvers in them so it becomes easy for fresh air to enter and hot air to escape easily. They are built in such a manner which allows the light to come into your house or place you’re living. Cupolas are simply a pleasing combination of both utility and art. Cupolas always ad charm and dignity to public buildings, offices and garages.

Different Types of Cupola Catalog

As discussed earlier a cupola is simply a way to crown your roof and give that amazing finish which your roof actually deserves. In today’s world as with the diversification of technology and new inventions, old world construction still thrives. Amish craftsmen have been building cupolas for centuries so even though technologies have changed! The way cupolas are constructed by the Amish have not changed. New minds have changed the looks of cupolas which we saw earlier in 1800’s. But the quality and craftsmanship remain the same. The following styles and series of cupolas below with offer you the variety of styles and sizes you are looking for.

Signature Series Cupolas –

One of the most commonly used cupolas available on the market today is the signature series cupolas, which are highly detailed in craftsmanship and construction. The signature series in inspired by the beauty of English Castles and it always add elegance and distinctive beauty to your site or institution. This series consists of some premier cupolas which offer timeless appeal to your home, business, or institution. Mostly cupolas under this series are available in arch or square louvers. Some commonly used cupolas under this series are Alexander, Fairfield, Jamesport Windowed Cupola and Greenfield cupolas. Its additional features include:


  • Cupolas are made from weather resistant Azek vinyl
  • Availability of roof in painted aluminum or copper
  • Click here to view some of the featured signature series cupolas.

Estate Series Cupolas –

Cupolas in the estate series are elegantly designed and always make great addition to your garage, barn, home or any other building. Cupolas added under this series have an air of nobility. Cupolas are topped with copper roofs and built from western red cedar which makes it simple and effective when installed on your roof. They bring class to any building or structure on which they reside. Some of the most popular cupolas styles under estate series are Dalton, Bethany, Salisbury Cedar, Pinnacle Cedar, Kingston and Salisbury cupola. Some feature includes:

  • Roofs are available in copper
  • Cupolas are made from weather resistant red cedar or Azek Vinyl which increase life of cupolas
  • Click here to view some of the featured estate series cupolas.

Select Series Cupolas –

Another category available in the styles of cupolas is the Select Series. They open up ventilation process in most of the building. Select series cupolas provide charm and beauty to any of the structure where it is installed. Cupolas under such categories are constructed with the help of vinyl PVC trim-board or western red cedar which increases the life of roof. Select series is also known as the workshop of the cupola world. Cupola designed under this category easily adapt to any situation. Some styles under this category are Ellsworth, Waterford, Hamlin, Carlisle, Norwood and Morton cedar etc.

Some features of select series cupolas are:

  • Made from weather – resistant Azek Vinyl or red cedar
  • Availability of roof in copper and painted aluminum
  • Click here to view some select series cupolas.

Estate Copper Series Cupolas –

One of the best and durable cupolas are in the estate copper series. For many centuries copper cupolas have added beautiful architectural elements to building around the world. These cupolas are durable, beautiful and their functionality is always adored by others. Estate copper cupolas are extremely desirable for any institution or home. Some popular styles under this series are Dalton, Pinnacle and Kingston cupolas. Its additional features include:

  • Cupolas are made from 16 oz. Copper
  • Estate copper cupolas require very low maintenance
  • Click here to view and buy popular estate copper cupolas.

Keystone Series Cupolas –

Keystone series cupolas are designed with the help of a board and batten appearance along with the help of copper roof. The cupolas in the keystone series are crafted using rough white pine therefore these cupolas are best suited for any horse barn or for those construction sites which are usually constructed with the help of pine. Style which are included in keystone series cupolas are Windowed and Louvered cupolas. Its additional features include:

  • Keystone cupolas are made from white pine
  • Roofs under this series are available in copper
  • Cupolas are weather-vane ready
  • Click here to view and buy keystone series cupolas.

Sundance Series Cupolas –

If you want to redecorate the roof of your tiny house or mini-home than the Sundance series cupolas are best suited for you. These cupolas save lot of time, labor and money. The Sundance series metal cupolas are specially designed for metal building and structures. They make your metal structure to stand out among the best. The base of such cupolas are available in many color combinations which matches with the color of the building easily. Styles available in such series are Franklin, Milford, Winchester and Salem. Some of the additional features include:

  • Maintenance free construction using pre-painted steel materials
  • Easy to install and saves lot of time and money
  • Pre-assembled in 3 sections
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • If you want to check some of the featured Sundance series cupolas, you can simply click here.

Shed Series Cupolas –

Recent innovations in world of cupolas have given birth to another series of cupolas which is “Shed Series Cupolas”. However these cupolas are made with a squatty low profile look and look great on shed and on other out-buildings. As these cupolas have copper or pre painted metals, therefore there is no need for any maintenance. The shed series cupolas are constructed so as to meet the need of your backyard storage shed or garden shed. Some major features are:

  • Availability of roof in copper or painted aluminum.
  • Top of the shed are made from weather – resistant Azek vinyl
  • Click here to see some of the featured shed series cupolas.

Estate Gazebo Series Cupolas –

The estate gazebo series cupola is a shortened version of estate series which is discussed above. The major difference among estate series and estate gazebo series is that the “Estate Gazebo series” comes in 3 pre-assembled sections, therefore its installation is quick and time saving. Some famous styles that are found in Estate gazebo series include Pinnacle, Kingston, Salisbury and Villa. Other features include:

  • Amish cupolas are made from weather resistant Azek Vinyl or red cedar
  • Roofs is available in copper which makes the look of cupolas simple and beautiful.
  • Click here to view some estate gazebo series cupolas.

Gazebo Series Cupolas –

These cupolas are crafted using cellular PVC- vinyl or a treated yellow pine. Gazebo series cupolas are mostly capped with the help of copper of cedar roof which makes the look of your cupolas complete and effective. It provides finishing touch to your gazebo. The looks of such cupolas are simple and clean and thus it is mostly preferred by most of the people. Some additional features include:

  • Availability of roof in painted aluminum and copper
  • Body of cupola is available in treated pine or Azek vinyl.
  • Click here to view some gazebo series cupolas.
  • How to Select Correct Cupola Size?

To determine a proper sized cupola for your roof, for every foot of your building roof line use 1.25 inch of cupola. Example: For a roof section that is 24 feet, the proper size cupola would be 30 inches. For roof lines longer than 48 feet you should consider using multiple cupolas.

Measuring the base width of your roof line of your structure

If you consider extending the bases than these are suitable for steeper pitched roofs.
Type the measurements in feet by 1.25. The best example for this is if your root is 24 foot, than 24 X 1.25 = 30, therefore your requirement of the cupola will be 30”.
Choose the best cupola which suits your requirement and the structure on which it is going to be installed.

What makes us different?

Dress The Yard has the widest selection of cupolas along with free shipping and limited lifetime warranty on most cupolas.


All the cupolas designed, handcrafted by skilled Amish craftsman and are made from highest quality materials. Each of the cupolas which is designed and supplied by us withstands 120+mph winds. We always look forward to deliver quality materials and thus satisfy our customers with our services.

Wider Range

As we offer wide variety of cupola, it becomes easier for our new and existing customers to choose cupolas according to their needs and satisfaction. Our range includes economical shed cupolas to signature series cupolas and many more are there which covers all your needs in them. Apart from this we also focus in providing cupolas in different metals such as copper, pine, aluminum and wooden cupolas. Along with this we offer cupolas in different shapes which include hexagonal, square, windowed and octagonal cupolas. We design cupolas for almost everyone.

Cupola Prices

In order to satisfy your needs and requirements, we offer the lowest listed prices on the INTERNET. Therefore you will not find a better quality built cupola or pricing anywhere else.

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